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Self Published Books

Frequently we are asked if we will carry a self published book, and the answered is a qualified, "Yes".  Initially, you must be a resident, or former resident, of the Nashville, Indiana area, or your book must have something to do with the area.  Once that hurdle has been taken care of we are prepared to consider stocking your book.

Let us say that producing a book is a task that many of us think of but few actually do and it should be considered a major accomplishment. 

1.  We will display your book, on our selling floor, in either our"Loccal Author" section or within the genre specific section, if we deem that it qualifies.

2.  We ask that you offer your book at a reasonable price that is within the standards of the market and that our price will be the same that you will offer your book at any other location where your book will be sold.

3.  We will pay you an industry standard of 60% of the selling price.

4.  Initially, we will take a maximum of three (3) copies for sell and if these sell we will contact you for additional copies.

5.  We will display you book for 6 months and, if they have not sold out we will return them to you with payment for any copiees that have sold.

6..  We will contact you if we need additional copies and we will issue you a check, only after the initial 3 copies have sold, or at the time of their return (6 months).

We do require that you provide your contact information and sign this agreement before leaving your books for consideration.  Once again, you have our congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment and we hope this endeavor is successful.

Book Buying Policy

We are constantly looking for books to purchase and are happy to try and accommodate sellers.  We are selective in what we purchase (we do not agree to buy everything), and we do ask that you call before you bring anything in that you would like for us to consider.  Some of the items we categorically will not purchase are: textbooks, computer books, worn and torn books, ex-library books and book club editions.

We appreciate your considering us to purchase your books and we look forward to assisting you.  Please remember to call prior to bringing your items in (812-988-0202).